Mission Statement

We will soon be re-branding this site as simply “Nybyk” as opposed to NakedOptionz. We will still be focused on trading, tech, biohacking, politics, the economy, comedy and beautiful women, but in regards to trading we will not solely focused on naked options or even options for that matter. The economy has shifted and so has what’s going on in the stock market, as such, we cannot solely focus on naked options and be as successful as we would like. So we will simply rebrand as Nybyk, across all platforms, named for our primary trader and continue to use his techniques to help our subscribers make money most efficiently.


Naked Optionz are positions that carry unlimited risk in exchange for unlimited upside. That’s how we trade. That’s how we live.

My name is Joseph Nybyk. I am a writer, actor, and stand up comedian. I also used to work in finance and now I day trade. I’m a pretty sharp guy. And I am going to turn this $25,000 account into $1,000,000 American dollars while traveling and performing all over the world. If you want to follow along, feel free. We’ll have some ups and downs, but I look forward to empowering others to do the same, proving my doubters wrong, and making a whole lot of money.

We are traders, beach bums, and world travelers. We’ve worked in entertainment, television, theatre, comedy, and film. We’ve run businesses, sold them off, and shut them down. Now we mostly just drink, but we’ve met a lot of great people along the way so tune in to the podcast, my vlogs on trading, and check out all the crazy stuff I’m into.

Like I said, I am a writer, actor, director, producer, and stand up comedian. I am a day trader, humanitarian, entrepreneur, and social activist. I am also the CEO at Love and Laughter Productions and IFFFF.

This is my page.